Northern Greece

The section of Northern Greece "Macedonia" was founded in 1992 after HSG council’s approval of the official request that came from 42 HSG members originating from Northern Greece. The first three-member committee, elected on December 18, 1992, consisted of Sotirios Parpoula (President), John Agorastos (Vice President) and Nicholas Eugenides (Secretary). In 2002, the HSG council proceeded to office acquisition in Thessaloniki.

The aim of the section of northern Greece "Macedonia" is the continuing education of gastroenterologists, particularly that of residents, for which monthly courses in the section’s lecture hall together with an annual workshop have been organized. Current advances in the field of gastroenterology as well as difficult in diagnosis and management cases are also presented. The educational program bears the approval of HSG education committee.

To date, the department of northern Greece 'Macedonia' counts 260 members.

3 Member Committee 2015-2016

President Andreas Protopapas
Vice President Anastasios Ilias
Secretary Gatopoulou Anthi


Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology
Section Northern Greece

54Α Geor. Gennimata
551 33 Kalamaria Thessaloniki

Secretariat: Alina Pantazidou
Τ: +30 231 048 9399
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