HSG Council

The HSG Governing Council is the main decision-making body of the society.


The Council consists of the President, the first and second Vice Presidents, the Secretary General, the Secretary for specific issues, the Treasurer and three members. In each council meeting, the President of the previous council, the Presidents of the   HSG-Section committees (Scientific as well as geographical), the President of the Educational committee and the President of the Research / scholarship committee are also allowed to participate, without voting right. The President or the Secretary of EPEGE may also attend the Board meetings after invitation.

The tenure of HSG council members is triennial. The council consists of nine (9) members. Every year, three (3) members leave the council, namely the current President and the two co-elected members. The same rules apply to any member replacing the above members. Every year, three (3) new members are elected through elections taking place at the General Assembly meeting. The new 9-member council elects the President of the following council, who holds the position of first Vice-President in the current council. A necessary condition for the election of the first Vice-President of the next year is his/her tenure in the current HSG council for one (1) year.

The President’s tenure is only for one (1) year.  A member who has completed a triennial tenure to the council and has not held the position of the President has still the right for candidacy, but after a period of at least three years, during which he/she will be off the council.

If a member of the council resigns before the completion of the full three year tenure, regardless of the cause, the member is considered that he has completed a three-year term to the council and has no right to be re-elected in the governing bodies of the Society for the following three years.

In case of resignation, retirement or disqualification for any reason, a council member will be succeeded by the next in order of merit alternate member.

The alternate member becomes full member of the council as it was his/her predecessor.


The Council decides on all arising issues that do not require, in accordance to HSG Statute, to be discussed by the General Assembly, especially when referring to financial issues for National and International conferences. HSG council is responsible to decide on organizational issues and on issues related to the Society Committees as detailed in Articles 14 and 15.

Meetings and decisions

The council meets at least once a month at a meeting convened by the Secretary General and the President or whenever deemed necessary.

The HSG council also convenes at urgent circumstances or at request of two (2) or more members.

During the meetings of the council the presence of five (5) of the nine (9) members is required. Decisions are taken by majority of the members present. In case of a tie, the vote of the president supersedes.

2016 HSG Council

Sotirios Georgopoulos President
Spyridon Michopoulos A’ Vice President
Georgios Kolio B’ Vice president
Nikolaos Viazis Secretary General
Konstantina Paraskeva Secretary (Special issues)
Dimitrios Tzilves Treasurer
Stylianos Karatapanis
Aikaterini Kotzampasi
Dimitrios Tampakopoulos