HSG Endoscopy

The endoscopic section is the largest and the oldest organized group of special interest within HSG. The first elections of the Section-Committee were held in Athens on December 4, 1982, at the Athens War Museum during a meeting called the ‘Days of Gastroenterology’.
The reason for its creation was the rapid development of digestive endoscopy.
The aim of its formation was the interplay of the HSG members with special interest on endoscopy.
The first three-member committee, elected for the years 1983-1984, consisted of Nikolaos Nikolopoulos (Chairman), Elias Mallas (Vice Chairman), Anastasios Emmanouilidis (Secretary)

3 Member Committee 2015-2016

President Dimitrios Christodoulou
Vice President Konstantinos Delis
Secretary Anastasios Emmanouilidis