Youtube Video Channel of The Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology

Criteria and Instructions for video submission

  • The duration of the video should be up to 12 minutes. Take into account that videos longer than 5-6 minutes are usually not entirely seen by Youtube viewers.
    1. The Video should have the following structure:
    2. Title Page
    3. Authors and affiliations
    4. Disclosure
    5. Case
    6. Video
    7. Take home points and/or
    8. Conclusion
  • Complete the powerpoint slides and then export the slides as photos (TIFF, JPEG). Import the photos in your video editing software
  • Use transitions between different scenes (Fade in-fade out)
  • Narration is highly appreciated but not obligatory.
  • Use appropriate annotations (arrows, symbols) and legends in order to describe your endoscopic story
  • Submit your video by using a cloud server of your preference such as, google drive or dropbox. Send the link to: [email protected]. Attach a short text of 100-250 words with the description of your case
  • The video is addressed to both trainees and experienced endoscopists.
    Technical details such as electrocautery settings, position of the endoscope, type of sedation etc. are very important for teaching reasons
  • Please hide the Patient’s and Doctor’s ID.
  • Minimum slide duration: 3 seconds.
  • Do not hesitate to submit simple endoscopic procedures. Nothing is simple for a trainee.
  • Enrich the endoscopy video with radiological, histological or clinical images.
  • The Video must be formatted in one of the following types: .mpg, .mp4 or .mov).
  • Video size recommended for high definition: 1280x720 (square pixel ratio), 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • The total size of the video should not exceed 300 MB. Large videos may be splitted in several parts.

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